Here at Lifebar, I want to make your content grow.

My goal will be to help gaming/geek content creators to gain exposure and grow their communities and provide them with access to graphic designers and their own apparel shop to start monetizing their content.

With Lifebar, I want to utilize my social media marketing and community management skills to streamers, podcasts and other content creators get known. And making your passion your business is always a first difficult step. I’ll work WITH you to come up with your first few designs and launch your store on my platform.

I’ll also set up a Discord channel so you can have access to me for questions about your store or promotion of your content.

I’m being VERY aggressive with a goal for an October launch, so if you’re interested, follow me on your favorite social media channel above to check out some up and coming posts or hit me in DMs and let’s see what we can do together!